Sunday, November 15, 2009


Freed is now offering the Rosetta Stone software FREE to all students. You can take your computer by, they'll download the software, and then they can just add languages to your account. Now, I'm not technically a student, but they're letting me have it anyways. I called Micah the other day when he was getting it put onto his computer and the guy doing it heard how excited I was about it over the phone, so he agreed to put it on mine too. I was a student a few months ago, so close enough right? lol. I've been wanting the Rosetta Stone software for a while now so that I can work on my Portuguese. Well, the bad news is that they don't have Portuguese yet. If enough people are interested then they'll get it. So far, they offer Spanish, Italian, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Greek, and Hebrew. And they might be getting Portuguese and Japanese soon. Micah and I got the first four on that list. Until they get Portuguese I'll probably pick one to work on. I'm thinking either German or French. Spanish and Italian are going to be too close to Portuguese and it'll just confuse me.

So coming back around to the title of the blog: aspirations. One of my recent aspirations has become to learn languages. I would love to be able to speak like, 7 languages. I have no idea where the number 7 came from, but that's just what I pulled out one day. I want to be fluent in English and Portuguese (got one of those down! lol) and be able to at least somewhat communicate in 5 others. If I get Spanish, Italian, French, and German down, I've only got one more to go! I haven't decided what I want the last one to be. Maybe Japanese just to have something different. =) So yeah, I'm super excited about getting all of the software for free, because it will make accomplishing that dream a whole lot easier.

There are so many things I want to do in my lifetime. And I think all of them are definitely attainable:

-I want to learn to paint. I just want to do artistic stuff in general I feel like that is something I could be talented at, but I just haven't had the opportunity to express it. I just need practice. I would love to have an art room one day, just to do whatever I want. White walls, white floor. I can throw paint on the wall if I want to. It'll just be my place. I want to learn to make pottery.
-I want to learn to play the piano. I don't have to be great at it. I don't have to write my own music. I just want to be able to sit down with a piece of music and play it.
-I want to homeschool my children. There are so many things that I want to teach them that I don't think public schools can/will. I want them to learn music and art at a young age. I want them to be able to learn languages or whatever else they are interested in. I want to teach them about the Bible and instill in them the values that I wouldn't trust to anyone else.
-I want to travel. There is a teacher at school who leads a tour in the Middle East retracing the apostle Paul's steps. That would be so amazing. I want to go to the Louvre. I want to visit old castles in Scotland. I want to go see Auschwitz. (Morbid, I know, but that time period is so interesting to me.)
-I want to pick a subject from the Bible and become an expert on it. I know I'll never be an expert on the whole Bible or maybe even half of it. But I can pick one small aspect of it and learn everything I can about it. I don't know what that subject will be yet...I'm still thinking about that one.
-I would love to write a book one day. I don't know what it will be about. Maybe the subject I become an expert on. Maybe just about my experiences becoming a missionary's wife and moving to a foreign country.
-I want to take amazing pictures.

There are so many more, but this blog is getting long enough as it is. So yeah...I'm really excited about beginning to accomplish one of these aspirations. Hopefully I'll get to work one some more soon. =)

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