Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Successful recipe #2

Pizza Spaghetti Casserole. This one was very good. And it was pretty quick and easy too...(assuming that you already have aluminum foil on hand and don't have to send your husband out to get some halfway thru preparation. And that while your husband is gone you can actually open the jar of pasta sauce so that you can have it all ready to go into the oven as soon as he gets back. =) Here's the link:


Watched Return of the Jedi tonight w/Matt and Sarah. We've decided that after we finish Star Wars, we need to keep up our movie nights. The guys are threatening that Star Trek is next. I think that one might take a year or so to get thru at this pace. lol. The new movie that just came out was really good. I liked it a lot. But I'm sure a lot of you Heroes fans will understand when I say that I couldn't get over Zachary Quinto being Spock. All I saw was a sociopathic serial killer named Sylar. lol.

Well, I'm gonna go now. Micah is getting impatient to have his computer back so he can play some WoW before going to bed.

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