Saturday, September 26, 2009

Been a productive day.

Today was a very productive Saturday. I even got to sleep in. =) Micah and I went to the library at school to work on some of his homework. We got a lot of stuff accomplished, which was awesome.
Then we went to Jackson and ate a late lunch/early supper at Zaxby's. We decided to go shopping a little and hit up some clearance sales to try and get Micah some clothes. He's been needing some jeans and shorts really bad. Most of his have torn or something. We did surprisingly well! I was so excited! Micah is extremely hard to fit. He needs a 34 length jeans, and he can wear anything from a 30-32 in the waist. If you've been shopping for men's jeans lately, you know that they just don't make that size! (I was about to say none of you have any idea how difficult that is, but I'm pretty sure some of you do. Between my dad, my granddad, and my brother-in-law, he's not the only tall lanky one in the family. My poor kids don't stand a chance. lol) Well, we hit the jackpot at Old Navy. We found a pair of jeans (on clearance!) that were 31-34s. It's a miracle. He can actually wear them without a belt! All of the jeans he has now, we had to get them bigger in the waist to get them long enough to fit his long ole legs. So, if he doesn't have a belt on, his pants will quite literally fall off. We also found a pair of shorts at Old Navy on clearance, and a pair at Target for $4.98! Jackpot!
Now we're back home, watching Heroes. This show is crazy! You think you've got it figured out, and then they throw you for another loop! So I should probably be paying attention b/c if I miss something, I'll be lost for the rest of the series. TTFN!

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