Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pointless traditions?

Hayrides. What's the point? Tonight was the hayride and cookout w/the church group. On the way out there, Micah was like, so what's the purpose of this hayride thing? I don't really know. Then he asked if I thought they would leave on it without us (b/c we were running about 20 mins late). My reply: "No, it's not dark yet." "Why does it have to be dark?" "I don't know. It just does." So what is the purpose of a hayride? Especially a non-haunted one? I mean, we just sit in a cotton trailer on a bunch of bales of hay. It's freezing, the hay is itchy, the fields we are riding through stink to high heaven...and this is supposed to be fun? lol. Now don't get me wrong. It was enjoyable. But really? What's the meaning behind this pointless fall tradition?? Here's a picture from the hayride. Lauren sat with us for a little while. Apparently I missed the funny face memo. =) It's still a good picture tho.

Another tradition that is not-so-pointless, but nonetheless kinda silly is the tradition of Candle-lightings. It's a Freed thing. And I'm reminded of it b/c I got an invitation to one yesterday! =) Here's what a candle-lighting is. When a girl gets engaged, she keeps it a secret, at least at first. She probably tells a couple of close friends so they can help plan. They send out invitations to all of her friends to come to the candle-lighting ceremony. It's usually at night, somewhere on campus. Everyone shows up and sits in a circle, speculating about who it might be. At the ceremony, the ring is tied to a candle. The host (not the engaged girl) lights the candle and starts it around the circle. On the first go-round, all of the girls ooh and aah at the pretty ring as it passes by. On the second time around, when it gets to the newly engaged girl, she blows out the candle, letting everyone know it's her. And then the squealing begins. lol. I had one after we got engaged. And I did so good keeping it a secret! Everyone thought it was me b/c they knew we were gonna be getting engaged soon, but I fooled them all for a day and a half! Go me! lol. They kept asking and I told them that I thought it was someone else and that they knew that I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret if it was me. (Devious
So yeah, I got invited to one for tomorrow night, but I already know who it is. B/c I'm just good like that. lol. It's the friends we've been doing our Star Wars movie nights with. We knew it was coming soon, so I wasn't surprised at all. She was walking around the cookout tonight w/her left hand stuck out. =)

By the way, the only good thing about living in Tennessee surrounded by a bunch of Vols fans is living in Tennessee with a bunch of Vols fans on the day that Alabama beats Tennessee. Roll Tide Roll! =D


Micah said...

What happens when a draft blows out the candle before the girl who is engaged gets to blow it out?

Candy said...

I remember when it was your candle ceremony :) You mom called and told me all about it. Can't believe it's been so long already. BTW your mom gave me a picture of you and JC at your wedding. You were holding her little pink paci...aww :) Miss ya!